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Here are selections of Dr. Linkner’s favorite social media posts linked with her choice skincare products.

Summer PM routine

I have a secret to divulge. I do my entire PM skincare routine in bed, while I Instagram. Who has time for a sink?? Water?? Cleanser?? Not me. Not for the past five years that I have been pulling double duty as a working Mom. Here is my latest iteration on my nighttime routine, fully explained. Five medical-grade skincare products along with one that packs in prescription strength power. There’s a method to my madness so listen carefully.

Summer AM routine

This isn’t about WHICH medical grade skincare products I use. It’s about HOW I apply them on. Five products in under two minutes in this, my current morning quaroutine. Turn up the volume to hear the reasoning on the order of actives. Remember to always to go beyond the face to include the neck and back of hands. PM routine coming at you soon.


Do you want to see what Leah McSweeney from the #RHONY reaches for in her medicine cabinet??

Last month, Leah and I did just that. We tore through it. Teasing and purging. Putting everything in order for her day and night routine. Listen in for my tips and for Leah’s personal favorites that keep her skin absolutely flawless. Find Leah’s bespoke favorites below.

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