Brightening Hydrator

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This face moisturizer is formulated to nourish and to hydrate the skin's barrier while improving the visible signs of aging. Ceramide complexes complemented with tetrapeptide-21 and fractionated molecules of hyaluronic acid lock in moisturizer and support the skin's matrix. Niacinamide is the big call out on this newest addition to RVL Skincare as it brightens discoloration over time. Antioxidants which include resveratrol, caffeine, and vitamin E also lend the support needed to soothe the skin.

Best for

This daily moisturizer is for those looking for one product that can hydrate, anti-age, and brighten discoloration over time. I personally use this on clean skin after showering in the mornings and as a barrier before my vitamin A topical at night.

Key ingredients

Biomimetric Ceramide Complex, prevents transepidermal water loss
Peptides, supports the skin's matrix
Hyaluronic Acid, provides deep hydration
Stem Cells, helps skins elasticity Nicinamide, brightens dsicoloration overtime, support collagen growth
Antioxidants, guard against environmental free radical damage

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How to use

Use twice a day on clean skin. Can be used across all skin types.

“I love how SUPER silky this moisturizer leaves my skin. It's ultra hydrating without being heavy and perfect under makeup.”

-Josie, Mom of Three, Palm Beach

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