C-Plus Serum

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This RVL Skincare product, a high-potency Vitamin C plus antioxidants, is a staple for your AM routine. Vitamin C fortifies your sunscreen, yes, it makes your sunscreen work better throughout the day. I like to use this Vitamin C serum to rub in my sunscreen. The other benefit of this very stable form of ascorbic acid, is that it acts as a brightening agent as well, so if you struggle with blemishing or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, then incorporate this into your morning routine to help tackle that discoloration.

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Vitamin C is one of the safest way to brighten your skin and maintain the health of your skin by fortifying your sunscreen. I am so excited to be launching this product because I am such a huge fan of what vitamin C has done to my own skin with religious use. And this aqueous formulation is oil free, making it safe to use for ANY skintype. This vitamin C is accompanied by three antioxidants that help to battle the daily damage of sun exposure, another important reason to incorporate this product into your everyday routine.

Key ingredients

20% Vitamin C, combination of Ascorbic acid and Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate to promote healthy collagen and skin
Ergothioneine, antioxidant that helps your skin's defense system
Apigenin, antioxidant that neutralizes reactive oxygen species that occur with sun damage
Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Polyphenols, antioxidant that calms and nourishes the skin
Vitamin E, Tocopherol soothes and protects the skin

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How to use

Use three to four drops of C-Plus to rub in your SPF daily in the morning. Caution: Test this product on a small patch of skin on the inner arm prior to use. Discontinue if you experience irritation in this test area.

“This C-Plus is just that with all the antioxidants that this Vitamin C serum has. At Dr. Linkner's instruction I have been using this product along with my tinted sunscreen every morning and even in a few week I am seeing my skin's color become more even. I just love the results!!”

-Megan, Newlywed

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