Sensitive Pads

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Ultra-light and fragrance-free, Sensitive Pads clean the skin while still providing intense hydration. Non-oily and non-comedogenic, this unique formula contains a fusion of alpha and beta hydroxy acids, witch hazel astringent, and antioxidants.

Best for

The low doses of salicylic and glycolic acids are a perfect match for those who are dry skin prone but still want to thoroughly cleanse their face and to enjoy anti-aging benefits. I lean on these pads when my skin is dry, which I best notice by closely checking my lips to see if they are extra peely. On those cold, low humidity days when I still want to maintain my complexion without being worried about stripping my skin, I use these most sensitive pads.

Key ingredients

Glycolic acid 2%, a beta hydroxy brightening acid
Salicylic acid 2%, an alpha hydroxy oil-controlling acid
Camellia sinensis leaf extract, a green tea derivative
Hamamelis vinginiana water, a witch hazel derived astringent

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How to use

This is part of your nighttime skin care routine. Before bed, rinse with warm water and towel dry. Use one pad to wipe down the entirety of the face. Use a second pad to wipe down the neck, décolletage, shoulders, and back of the hands. Do not rinse off. Leave on overnight; rinse off in the morning. If the pads are making you too dry, then use every other evening.

Caution: Test this product on a small patch of skin on the inner arm prior to use. Discontinue use if you experience irritation with this test area. Not to be used if trying to get pregnant, pregnant, or breastfeeding.

“I have not had a blemish since I started using the sensitive pads, and everywhere I go everyone comments about how my skin looks — a gazillion people think I am pregnant because I am glowing (I am not pregnant). You seriously changed my life. I now have confidence when I leave my house, even without makeup on."

-Abbey, mom of three

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