spFU ☀️ RVL Exclusive Hat

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Now tell me how you really feel about the sun. This UPF50+ baseball cap is made out of performance material which is great for your next outdoor run or golf round. UPF50 blocks 98% of UVB light. The white reflective coloring will help keep you cool 365 days a year.  But don't forget, you still have to wear your sunscreen.

Best for

An 18-hole golf round or driving around in your convertible.


Why Dr. Linkner loves it

“You’ll never find me in the sun
without a hat. I love wearing this
hat to remind the sun I’m not
here for its bullshit.”

“When I bought the spFU☀️ hat, I thought I was taking the time to care for my health…but when I looked at my reflection in the mirror and giggled at the look of the hat, I realized it helped my mood as well!”

-Stacey, concierge care patient of Dr. Linkner’s since 2019

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