Icy Bitch Cold Rollers

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These stainless-steel ergonomically designed cold rollers are custom engraved. They have been used by Dr. Linkner in every exam room for years. These ice cold rollers are amazing for post-procedural care especially for bruising and swelling after injectibles. They can also be used for lymphatic massage for puffy eyelids and faces in the morning.

Best for

Can be used with post-procedural topicals to improve bruising and swelling.


How to use

Keep the pair in the freezer in between treatments for a sustained cold lymphatic facial massage, like you've never had before.

Why Dr. Linkner loves it

I have one of these in every freezer in my house. My patients have enjoyed using these ice rollers for years and I am so excited to finally be bringing them onto my online skincare marketplace.

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